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Fill Your Heart with Ireland Toolkit 2023

Fill your Heart with Ireland Toolkit 2023 (1)


Dear Industry Partner, 

Tourism Ireland’s new global campaign – ‘Fill your heart with Ireland’ – has gone live around the world. The ‘Fill your heart with Ireland’ campaign is all about celebrating the different ways in which the island of Ireland fills the hearts of our visitors and of locals – and inviting potential holidaymakers to come and experience those for themselves. 

Tourism Ireland is sharing a toolkit of content to help you get involved in our Fill your Heart with Ireland campaign. Together, we can advocate about what makes Ireland so great and the prime way that industry can get involved is by being an extension of our brand campaign. 

To help you get involved, help spread the word and make the most of this opportunity for your business, we have prepared a toolkit of digital content that you, our industry partners, can use in your own overseas marketing throughout the year. You’ll find engaging imagery and social media content you can download and use on your own social channels or in presentations. One great example of how you can get involved is by sharing what fills your heart with Ireland.

We hope you will find this toolkit useful in bringing a flavour of Ireland to your key business contacts and previous visitors overseas, helping you build business for the future. 

Tourism Ireland

Top 5 quick download​

We know that time is of the essence, so if you don’t have time right ​now to look through all the content, we’ve made a selection of our ​top 5 assets that you can quickly download

‘What Fills My Heart Overlay’​

We have created a customised template so you can tell us what fills your heart about Ireland. This provides a fantastic opportunity to link in your business offering and use your own imagery to showcase the best of the island of Ireland. Simply follow our instructions in the folder, using your logo to create your own message. We have provided helpful examples for you to get started!​


Using GIFs across your social media channels is a great way to add movement and catch people’s attention, so we have created a special selection of ‘What fills my heart?’ gifs.​

Social media content​

Here you will find other social media content including stunning landscape shots, our heart motifs in various different languages, and stills from the campaign.​

Hero Edit Videos

Things that Fill my Heart Videos

The Coast Videos


Using videos across your social media channels is a great way to create engaging content, so we have provided a selection of the best videos from the campaign. ​

Zoom Backgrounds ​

We all know the continued importance of Zoom calls, so to leverage business meetings you may have with international contacts, we’ve created a series of images suitable to use throughout the year.​