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Our Brand

The core brand marks under the Tourism Ireland umbrella / under the guardianship of Tourism Ireland are the brand, corporate and web logos. Whilst they use consistent colour and font and all feature the shamrock, the most iconic symbolic representation of Tourism Ireland, each one serves a different purpose and is used in certain scenarios. 

Brand Logo

The Ireland brand logo is a graphic device that is used to identify the island of Ireland as a holiday destination within a co-ordinated brand campaign. Consistent use of the identity will build awareness and recognition with all our audiences.

Corporate Logo

Tourism Ireland’s corporate identity is the signature of the company. It is created within the Ireland brand visual identity and uses the shamrock symbol as a memory trigger to our consumer brand. It is important for Tourism Ireland to be recognised for the value that it brings to our stakeholders and the reassurance it provides to visitors. It is for this reason that we differentiate between the organisation of Tourism Ireland (TI) and the Ireland brand respectively.

Web Logo

In some consumer facing situations, the web logo is used; for example, when a consumer call-to-action is required.