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Australia and New Zealand

About the Australian and New Zealand Market 

Pre-pandemic, we welcomed 252,000 visitors from Australia and New Zealand to the island of Ireland. Those visitors spent €245/£213 million during their time there. 

225,000 of those visitors from Australia and New Zealand went to the Republic of Ireland and spent over €213 million. 78,000 visitors from Australia and New Zealand went to Northern Ireland (+8% on 2018) and spent £28 million. Australian and New Zealand visitors stay longer than visitors from almost any other market. 

Air Access  

There are several one-stop services from Australia to the island of Ireland. These airlines include Emirates, Etihad and Qatar airways, all connecting through the Middle East.  

Why should you target this market?  

Visitors from Australia and New Zealand are highly prized as they tend to stay longer, spend more and visit more regions than the average visitor to the island of Ireland. They travel right around the island and many visit in the shoulder seasons.  

How to work in the Australian and New Zealand Market

  • They are highly likely to visit two or more regions on the island and spend more money as they go.  
  • On average, Australian and New Zealand holidaymakers stay on the island of Ireland for 13 nights.  
  • They prefer to stay in hotels, but also like guesthouses and B&B’s.  
  • Australia is the 5th most important overseas market for tourism in Northern Ireland, with one in five holidaymakers from this market visiting Northern Ireland.  
  • The island of Ireland benefits from strong ancestral links and a shared history with Australia & New Zealand, with many claiming Irish heritage.  
  • Top performing social content includes user-generated content, and content featuring views and landscapes (vistas, aerial/drone imagery) and built heritage (castles, historic locations, cottages). 

Upcoming Activity  

Please check the site on a regular basis, to find out what’s on offer and how you can be involved throughout the year. You can also register for email alerts for the latest information and upcoming opportunities. If you have any questions, drop us a line – we're here to help.    

Further information about Australia and New Zealand

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 Tourism companies from the island of Ireland participating in Tourism Ireland’s 2023 sales mission to Australia and New Zealand

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