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Co-operative Partnerships

Tourism  Ireland  aims  to  carry  out  co-operative  marketing  activity  with  partners to support the overall  mandate of the  organisation  to  grow  tourism sustainably to the island  of  Ireland  and  assist  Northern  Ireland  to  reach  its  tourism  potential.  Tourism Ireland seeks to partner with organisations who are willing to co-invest in campaign activity  to  drive  sales.  In  engaging  in  these  partnerships,  Tourism  Ireland  seeks  to combine the motivational appeal of destination promotion with a partner’s ability to offer an  aspect  of  an  island  of  Ireland  holiday,  at  a  competitive  price  to  convert consumer interest in visiting. To achieve  this,  Tourism  Ireland  proactively  seeks  partnerships  with  airlines,  sea carriers,  island  of  Ireland  industry  and  tour  operators. Tourism  Ireland proactively invites proposals for partnership from key partners. Co-operative  marketing is  marketing  activity  involving  Tourism Ireland  and  one  or more  partner  stakeholder,  where  we  finance,  plan,  run  and  evaluate  a  campaign together, to reach dual or complementary goals.

Additionally,  all prospective partners may submit proposals for co-operative engagement at any point throughout the year. Proposals are evaluated on their potential to drive tourism recovery sustainably, and over time, grow incremental visitors and/or bed nights to the island of Ireland.