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Golf GameBook

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Golf Gamebook offers a channel for additional sales for golf clubs by providing benefits and offers for Golf GameBook GOLD-users 

What could an offer look like? 

Here are a few examples: 
  • Green fee offers 
  • Discount at restaurant or pro-shop 
  • A one-time offer, that a player can use once. E.g., 2x green fee + golf cart + lunch = € xxx 
  • A package offer with accommodation + green fees 
  • Limited time green fee offers, which can be redeemed on “off-peak periods” during the season (e.g., on weekdays after 2 PM) 
And the best part? 
Golf GameBook does not take any fees! 

What are the benefits? 

For Clubs

  • The possibility to sell unused inventory (e.g., at the beginning or end of a season, afternoons on weekdays) 
  • Possibility for additional sales at the golf club 
  • Attract more guest players to the club & achieve additional revenue 
  • Reach your target group, that are prepared to spend money 
  • Additional visibility for the club 

Golf Gamebook and our users 

  • Offer more value for GOLD-users 
  • Make GOLD-membership more comprehensive 
  • Golf GameBook GOLD-users can save hundreds of euros per year 
  • Activates/engages users 
  • lowers the barrier for playing multiple / other / new golf courses  

How does it work? 

It's easy! – To use the discounts at golf clubs, users must show their Golf GameBook profile with an activated GOLD-membership. 

The club should outline the benefits they wish to offer and send this information to Golf GameBook. They will take care of the rest for you. 

If you are interested, please contact Maarit Karkkainen

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For more info contact Maarit Karkkainen