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BeNe - Digital Package

Belgium and The Netherlands Closed for registration €250/£225


As a marketing agency, Tourism Ireland has built a database of engaged Trade and Consumer contacts. By applying for this opportunity you will be able to make the most of our reach and engagement across the following social channels: 

  • Facebook 140k followers 
  • Instagram 14.8k followers 
  • Trade e-zine database of 770 tour operators and travel agents. Average (unique) open rate is 44% and average (unique) click rate 5% 
  • Consumer e-zine database of 39,500 active consumers.  Average open rate is 43% and average click rate 2.3%  

This opportunity includes: 

  • 2 x Social Posts 
  • 2 x Instagram stories 
  • 1 x Feature in Trade Newsletter 
  • 1x Offer featured in Consumer newsletter 
  • 1 x Offer featured on consumer website (3 months) 

Please contact Eef ( to express your interest in this opportunity. 

Note: This is a limited opportunity with 5 spaces available. We will select interested partners aligning with our campaign planning schedule and based on the in-market potential we see.   

All materials provided will be subject to editorial control. Material provided must be of high standard; a quirky story, eye - catching images which appeal to the audience. This will encourage a higher engagement rate with your content and increased clicks to your website. 

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