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'Longing for Ireland' Podcast

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Join our Nordic podcast as an expert in your field.

We invite you to come on air and share what you are passionate about in Ireland.

'Longing for Ireland' is an English language podcast that is available worldwide. For each episode we interview either a Nordic influencer about their recent trip to Ireland or a member of the IOI industry to talk about their experience or to act as a local expert.

We are looking for members of the industry on the island of Ireland to frame the podcasts around.
Reach out to us and let us know your field and what we could do a podcast on.

The podcast interview is, for the time being, conducted remotely and all you will need to participate is a chrome browser, a microphone (good microphones are preferred), headphones and a stable internet connection.  

This is a free opportunity!

Please note that Tourism Ireland Nordics reserves the right to choose and frame content that is market relevant, and we cannot guarantee that your content idea/submission will be used and/or that you will be selected to do the content.

Why podcasts?

Podcasting is a steadily growing platform with a highly engaged audience. Although there may only be a few hundred listeners to the podcast at this point, these few listeners are willing to spend +20 minutes listening to a podcast about Ireland and your destination/activity.

How is it set up?

Pre-recording process:

From relevant submissions we will look at the topics suggested. If we find that the topic and interviewee are suitable then we proceed with a list of proposed questions to help frame the interview. We will have a call about the proposed questions and settle on e.g., 10 questions that will help guide the interview. The questions are not final and do not need to be followed, they just act as an interview guide to make sure we get around the topic and answer any questions relevant for a tourist.

The interview:

On the day we schedule in an hour of your time, so we have time to chat, work out any technical issues and in general warm up before we start recording. The interview recording will be about 20-45 minutes which will be edited down to ideally 30-35 minutes. Any errors or other will be removed in the editing after the recording is finished.


The interview will be edited by Tourism Ireland Nordics and it will be published to any relevant platforms. These include, but are not limited to: Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, etc.

You can listen to an episode here as well as see some of the hosting platforms


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