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17 Mar 2021

An ‘Orchestra of Light’ wishes the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Tourism Ireland shares spectacular aerial light show with the world to celebrate our national day

A new online film featuring a swarm of 500 drones animating the skies of Dublin in a spectacular light show has been unveiled, to wish the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day. 

The film – called ‘Orchestra of Light’ – was created by St Patrick’s Festival, Tourism Ireland and Dublin City Council earlier this month. In the film, the drones light up the Dublin night sky, illuminating some of the city’s well-known landmarks, including the Samuel Beckett Bridge. 

The film aims to tell a story of Ireland’s global influence and how a small island on the edge of Europe has spread its culture and traditions across the world. Symbols of our traditional music and dance culture – a central part of our St Patrick’s Day celebrations in normal times – play out over the Dublin skies in the spectacular light show. The drones swarm into the image of a globe turning green and into formations of Celtic art, before wishing the world a Happy St Patrick’s Day in an explosion of glowing shamrocks – all set to music by composer Eimear Noone and her husband Craig Stuart Garfinkle. The duo collaborated with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra and the band Picture This, to produce a score featuring an orchestral remix of the band’s latest single ‘Things Are Different’.

Tourism Ireland will share the ‘Orchestra of Light’ film with its millions of fans and followers on social media around the world, today (17 March). It will also be shared with Tourism Ireland’s database of over 20,000 international news and travel journalists. To view the film, click here or go to

Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland, said: “Although St Patrick’s Day will be very different this year, our aim is to capitalise on the heightened exposure for Ireland around the globe on 17 March, to ensure that Ireland remains ‘top of mind’ as a great holiday destination for bookings, when the time is right. We are therefore delighted to partner with St Patrick’s Festival and Dublin City Council, to create this wonderful light show celebrating our national day. We are sharing the film with our millions of fans and followers on social media around the world – wishing them a Happy St Patrick’s Day and reminding them that we cannot wait to roll out the green carpet and welcome them to the island of Ireland, as soon as it is possible to do so.”

Notes To Editors

  • ‘Orchestra of Light’ features the Intel Drone Light Show Premium, Intel’s brightest, most dynamic drone light show – animating the skies of Dublin and illuminating some of our well-known landmarks. 
  • The final piece will be shared by Tourism Ireland worldwide on 17 March and made available to news journalists in a two-minute and eight-minute format, produced by ShinAwiL. 
  • It features 500 next-generation drones, each one serving as a pixel of light that paints the night sky and is capable of nearly limitless colour combinations.
  • Each drone weighs just 340 grams (less than ¾ of 1lb) and is purpose-built for use in drone light shows. Ultra-safe in their design, they feature a lightweight, soft-plastic construction and encased propellers.
  • The piece features animations by St Patrick’s Festival designer Aiden Grennelle.