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20 Apr 2015

Causeway Coast ad helps inspire American holidaymakers

Advert featuring Giant’s Causeway and Carrickfergus running in the United States

A Tourism Ireland advert featuring the Giant’s Causeway and referencing Carrickfergus is running in a number of American publications this spring.

Tourism Ireland has a busy programme of promotions under way in the United States – to build on the success of 2014 and grow the number of American tourists to Northern Ireland this year. The organisation’s programme includes advertising in key magazines and newspapers, reaching millions of prospective holidaymakers across the US – with the ads featuring the Giant’s Causeway carrying the headline “If you wish you were in Carrickfergus and don’t have wings to fly, we know a few airlines that do.”

Print ad promoting the Giant’s Causeway in the United States.

Notes To Editors

  • Tourism Ireland is the organisation responsible for promoting Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland overseas as a leading holiday destination.
  • Tourism is responsible for in excess of 5.2% of GDP in Northern Ireland and supports approximately 43,000 jobs.
  • In 2014, we welcomed an estimated 1.8 million overseas visitors to Northern Ireland, delivering revenue of about £508 million.
  • Tourism Ireland’s international website is, available in ten different language versions for over 30 individual markets around the world. In 2014, attracted about 14.25 million visitors.


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