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Germany Full Digital Package 2023

Germany Open for registration €500


The full digital package includes the following:

  • Social media posts (x3): Three social media posts to our 325K+ Facebook fans, 60K Instagram followers and 1.8K+ Twitter followers. We recommend focusing primarily on brand awareness or inspiring content. Tactical offers driving to your website are also possible if preferred, although engagement might be lower. We welcome strong imagery and video content. Examples can be found on our industry social media fact sheet.
  • Exclusive Instagram Story (x1): This is a series of 4-6 Instagram Story cards to our 60K Instagram followers with a link driving directly to your website. German language website content is encouraged.  
  • “Tell us your story” post (x1): Imagine you’re speaking to someone from Germany, who has never been to Ireland. They would like to visit but ask your advice on where they should go? How would you tell them using images & words the reasons why they should visit your business and what makes it so unique? We can work with you to craft the ideal post for your business, whether it be a Facebook album, Instagram carousel etc. 
  • Dedicated email newsletter (x1): Bespoke email send featuring solely your business and related content. Sent to our active database of 68.5k consumers.  Our average open rate is 22.5% and average click rate 2.6%.
    One feature in our bi-weekly ezine, this could be an offer or general information and would link directly to your website. (Reduced cost)
  • Offer feature on key landing pages across Premium offer feature across most visited pages on to ensure increased visibility and standout. The offer should be attractive for German consumers planning their holiday, e.g. a discount code. 
  • Sponsored competition (x1): Engage with our German audience and promote your business by sponsoring a prize for these free giveaways. The competition will be featured on a dedicated landing page on and promoted across our social media channels and ezine communications. The competition page will include links to your website. We encourage using a question where the answer can be easily found on your website, which increases traffic as well as product awareness. 


  • This package is most suitable for, and limited to medium-large scale industry providers. We would also love to hear from smaller scale industry providers for our other opportunities
  • This is a limited opportunity with 3 spaces available. We will select interested partners aligning with our campaign planning schedule and based on the in-market potential we see.  
  • All materials provided will be subject to editorial control. Material provided must be of high standard; a quirky story, eye - catching images which appeal to the German audience. This will encourage a higher engagement rate with your content and increased clicks to your website. Please see further details about our social media channels here.

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