France Overview

France is the fourth largest market for visitors to the island of Ireland. 

In 2011, the island of Ireland recorded 417,000 visitors from France.  August is the most popular (20%) month to visit Ireland and more than two‐thirds of our French holidaymakers arrived between May and September in 2011.

More than one‐fifth (22%) of French holidaymakers travelled to the island of Ireland by sea, the only other market apart from GB to enjoy direct sea services.

Holidaymakers from France typically stayed for approximately 8 nights.

One‐third of French holidaymakers opted to stay in a Guesthouse/B&B during their holiday making this type of accommodation by far the most popular among these visitors.

More than two‐in‐five (42%) French holidaymakers hired a car during their stay, an increase over 2010 (37%).
Most French holidaymakers travel independently (81%) and use the internet (80%) to book some element of their trip to the
island of Ireland.

More than one‐third (35%) of 2011 French holidaymakers had visited the island previously.

Most (88%) holidaymakers from France were from the ABC1 socio‐economic group but were fairly even split in terms of age
(under 35 vs. 35+ years (47:53)).

French holidaymakers are most likely (45%) to visit the island of Ireland with a partner or spouse than any other nationality.
With the exception of Australian holidaymakers, the French are the least likely (18%) to visit Dublin only.

Hiking/cross‐country walking continues to be the most popular active pursuit among French holidaymakers in 2011 (32%).

The Paris region, the West and the South East generated the most holidaymakers for the island of Ireland in 2011.


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