The Netherlands Overview

We had 117,000 visitors from The Netherlands in 2011, a third of Dutch holidaymakers came in June or August in 2011.

Approximately every second Dutch holidaymakers came for a short break of 1‐5 nights (46%).

Guesthouses & B&B’s are the most popular form of accommodation used (36%), followed by hotels (25%) and rented
accommodation (19%). Hostels were used less in 2011 than in previous years (18%).

Dublin and the South West were equally popular in 2011. The highest incidence of “static regional” holidaymakers was recorded among Dutch visitors.

Approximately half of all Dutch holidaymakers used a car during their visit (49%) and package holidays remain popular in this market (30%).

Almost half (47%) of all Dutch holidaymakers in 2011 were making a repeat visit, representing the second largest “repeat” visit across all markets, after Great Britain.

Dutch holidaymakers tend to be older (67% were aged 35+ years) and are more likely to travel with family (20%) or with other adults (30%) than other markets.


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