Spain Overview

251,000 Spanish visitors came to the island of Ireland in 2011. More than half (53%) of our Spanish visitors came for a short break holiday.

Hotels and Hostels provided accommodation for two thirds of Spanish holidaymakers.

Dublin was on the itinerary for the majority (90%) of Spanish holidaymakers and approximately half of these did not venture beyond Dublin.

Spanish holidaymakers tend not to use a car during their visit (71%) and almost all took an independent holiday (92%) and used the internet to book (part of) their holiday (88%).

A quarter of Spanish holidaymakers had previous experience of the island of Ireland in 2011, a trend of many years.

Spanish holidaymakers are more likely to be C1’s and younger than those travelling from other markets.

Monuments and museums/art galleries hold more appeal for Spanish holidaymakers than for most markets. Gardens and National parks also hold more appeal for Spanish holidaymakers than for other European visitors. Cycling was more popular among visitors from Spanish than any other market.

A quarter of all holidaymakers from Spain came from the Madrid metropolitan area in 2011.




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