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23 Dec 2015

Millions of Americans will tune in to Ireland from this weekend

US$800,000 campaign kicks off Tourism Ireland’s promotional drive for 2016 in all-important US market

Tourism Ireland kicks off its promotional drive for 2016 in the all-important American market this weekend – with a major, week-long TV campaign which will be seen by tens of millions of potential holidaymakers across the United States.

Tourism Ireland’s ads will air on television from Saturday (26 December) and continue through New Year’s Eve. The ads will run on three major networks, NBC, CBS and ABC, in six cities – New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia and San Francisco. These are all vital gateway cities for Irish tourism – with direct flights to the island of Ireland. The Ireland ads will air around premium entertainment programmes with large audiences over the Christmas and New Year period, such as New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Kennedy Center Honors.

This time of year is a key vacation planning period for Americans. The total spend on Tourism Ireland’s week-long campaign is US$800,000, heralding the start of a busy promotional drive for Tourism Ireland in the United States next year. The campaign aims to build on the third record-breaking year in a row for Irish tourism from that market in 2015. In fact, tourism from the United States to Ireland has seen superb growth over the past five years; a comparison of CSO figures for January to October 2015 versus the same period in 2010 shows growth in visitors of +51% from North America.

Ireland’s Ancient East will also be unveiled in early 2016 in the US – with advertising airing on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in New York, Boston and Chicago around season six of the hugely popular Downton Abbey during January and February.
Niall Gibbons, Tourism Ireland’s CEO, said: “2015 will be the third record year in a row for visitor numbers to the island of Ireland from the United States. By the end of this year, we will have welcomed about 1.2 million American visitors. Tourism Ireland has undertaken an extensive, very targeted programme of promotions right throughout 2015, building awareness of the island of Ireland as a premier vacation destination. We look forward to building on this year’s success in 2016 and beyond.”

Notes To Editors

  • Tourism Ireland is the organisation responsible for promoting the island of Ireland overseas as a leading holiday destination.
  • Tourism is the island of Ireland’s largest indigenous industry; responsible for in excess of 4% of GNP in the Republic of Ireland and employing approximately 200,000 people.
  • By the end of 2015, we will have welcomed about 9.3 million overseas visitors to the island of Ireland, delivering revenue of about €4.7 billion.
  • Tourism Ireland’s international website is, 29 market sites available in ten language versions around the world, which will attract more than 16 million visitors in 2015.