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16 Jan 2014

Tourism Ireland launches 2014 marketing plans in New York

Sustaining growth after a record year

Tourism Ireland in the United States launched its marketing plans for 2014 this week – at an event in New York attended by leading tour operators, travel agents and media from the tri-State area. The organisation aims to build on the record year of 2013 – when we welcomed one million American visitors, who spent approximately $1 billion.

Building on recent successes and sustaining growth into the future is at the heart of what is an ambitious three-year journey for Tourism Ireland. The plans will see the organisation prioritise North America as a market which offers a strong return on investment, in terms of holiday visitors and expenditure. Ireland’s ‘best prospect’ visitors will be targeted more closely – with distinctive vacation experiences, events and special offers tailored to their interests and designed to trigger their ‘must go now’ impulses.

Speaking at the launch, Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said: “In 2013, we welcomed a record number of visitors from the US. We are confident that our strategy, and the accompanying comprehensive plans and initiatives that we have put in place, combined with the strength and competitiveness of the vacation experience around the island of Ireland, will deliver further growth in 2014. We look forward to welcoming more of our great friends from the United States in the years to come.”

Tourism Ireland’s head of North America, Alison Metcalfe, said: “We have a very clear focus for the year ahead and that is to deliver an +8% increase in visitor numbers and +9% increase in tourism revenue from the US. We will achieve this by working in close collaboration with our travel trade and media partners, rolling out an extensive programme of high impact campaigns and promotions which will target those consumers with greatest potential for growth. We will also build on the legacy of the Gathering, where we reached out to the almost 40 million Americans of Irish ancestry, and encouraged them to connect with their Irish heritage. The outlook for 2014 is very positive – we plan to capitalise on important access developments, including the new, year-round Aer Lingus service from San Francisco.”


Notes To Editors

  • Tourism Ireland is the organisation responsible for promoting the island of Ireland overseas as a leading holiday destination.
  • Tourism is the island of Ireland’s largest indigenous industry; responsible for in excess of 4% of GNP in the Republic of Ireland and employing approximately 200,000 people.
  • By the end of 2014, we will have welcomed an estimated 8.6 million overseas visitors to the island of Ireland, delivering revenue of about €4.26 billion. Overseas tourism business accounts for 59% of all tourism revenue.
  • Tourism Ireland’s international website is, available in ten different language versions for over 30 individual markets around the world.