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30 Aug 2013

Tourism Ireland comment on CSO figures for May-July 2013

Commenting on the CSO figures issued today for visitor numbers to Ireland for the May-July period, Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said: “Today’s figures from the CSO for May to July are very strong. I particularly welcome the growth in visitor numbers from North America (+20.5%) – a record performance from that market. Tourism Ireland believes that we are on course to achieve our best year ever from the United States – even surpassing the previous best year of 2007; this year, we will welcome over one million American visitors, spending about US$1 billion. We are also seeing a record year from our long-haul markets (+11.9%) – with Australia and New Zealand in particular driving that growth. And Mainland Europe (+5%) is also playing a major part in growing tourism business from overseas this year. It is also encouraging to see a return to growth in visitors from Great Britain (+3.3%).

“In the coming weeks, we will roll out our busy autumn campaign – aimed at boosting late-season travel to Ireland from around the globe and keeping this momentum going. The period September to December traditionally yields as much as 30% of overseas tourism business.”


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