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27 Sep 2012

Van Morrison tourism promotion targets music fans around the globe

Belfast’s music experience set to ‘hit the high notes’ in Tourism Ireland’s latest promotion

Tourism Ireland has teamed up with Van Morrison and EMI to showcase the fantastic music and arts scene of Belfast and Northern Ireland and to highlight this year’s Belfast Festival at Queens (celebrating the important milestone of its 50th anniversary this year), to potential holidaymakers around the world. The promotion will target music fans in key tourism markets this autumn – including Great Britain, the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

With Van set to return to his home town for two gigs during the Belfast Festival, and with his concert series under way right now and his latest album due for release in early October, it is the perfect time for Tourism Ireland to collaborate with Van’s record label, EMI, to highlight Northern Ireland on the international stage.

The message from Tourism Ireland is that “Belfast is Rocking”, that it is one of Europe’s coolest and most vibrant cities with a really dynamic music scene and a fascinating history steeped in music. A brand new radio ad – which includes an extract from Van’s new single – is running in France on jazz radio station TSF; ads are also running in the Netherlands on classic rock music station Arrow. Promotions in the US will appear in newspapers and on radio stations in cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

Activity also includes extensive social media promotions on Facebook and Twitter, targeting Tourism Ireland’s 650,000 fans and followers in those countries with a fantastic competition to win a trip to Belfast to see perform Van live. A specially-created page on Tourism Ireland’s website is also highlighting Belfast and Northern Ireland, encouraging music lovers to visit, with plenty of suggestions and ideas for things to do and see in Belfast and around Northern Ireland. As well as extensive email and publicity activity, ads will also run on music website Spotify in France.

Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said: “Van Morrison is a tremendous ambassador for the music scene in Belfast and his performances during this year’s Belfast Festival at Queens will mark yet another high point in this year of major events for Northern Ireland. Tourism Ireland is delighted to be working with Van’s record label to showcase the musical heritage of Belfast, reaching a huge audience of music fans and potential holidaymakers in key markets across GB, the US and Mainland Europe.”


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