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13 Feb 2012

500,000+ germans to see Sligo surf online!

Germany’s most famous “big wave surfer” Sebastian Steudtner was in Sligo, to check out and film the fantastic surfing on offer in this part of Ireland for a new series of online videos. Organised by Tourism Ireland in Frankfurt, the videos are part of a ‘teaser’ trailer for a bigger TV and online project which will show Sebastian seeking out the biggest and best surfing waves in Europe. The videos will be seen by more than 500,000 surf enthusiasts and potential holidaymakers all over Germany this year.

The footage captured by Sebastian includes impressive images of him surfing at Mullaghmore in Sligo; as well as mountain-biking with local mountain-biker Warner Wilders, at Knocknarea and Union Woods. The videos were shot using a new high-speed camera – one of the first of its kind in the world. The footage will be presented next week at the Berlin International Film Festival and will be distributed across a variety of online and social media platforms in Germany this spring, including Tourism Ireland’s website in Germany and the organisation’s German Facebook page, which has more than 56,000 fans.

Kristina Gauges, Tourism Ireland’s manager for Central Europe, said: “Given that tourists are increasingly reliant on social media, blogs and film content to inspire and inform them about their holiday choices, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the world-class surfing and adventure product available in this part of Ireland to a niche audience in Germany. Sebastian Steudtner is incredibly popular among surfing and adventure enthusiasts around Germany and the films he has shot in Sligo will be seen by over 500,000 people.

“More than half the German population takes at least one holiday abroad each year, making Germany the world’s largest outbound travel market. Germany is the third-largest source of visitors to the island of Ireland and Tourism Ireland is rolling out an exceptionally strong promotional programme for 2012 in Germany. As well as people interested in sightseeing and local culture, we are also targeting consumers who engage in outdoor activities, including surfing and mountain-biking, while on holidays.”