Market Profile - Australia

A third of Australian holidaymakers arrived in the off‐peak season in 2011.

Australian holidaymakers represent the third largest market in terms of the proportion travelling to the island of Ireland by sea.

Australians tend to stay longer than other holidaymakers, with the exception of Germany. They typically stayed for 6‐8 nights (49%) in 2011.

Holidaymakers from Australia visited more regions around the island of Ireland than any other nation in 2011 and one‐in‐four included Northern Ireland on their itinerary.

Guesthouses and B&B’s are the preferred choice among Australian holidaymakers, followed by Hotels and Hostels (28% and 26%, respectively).

Car hire is more popular among Australians than any other market with the exception of the US.

As with many of our long haul markets, package holidays remain popular among Australian visitors (23%).

Australia delivers the greatest proportion of holidaymakers on their first‐visit to the island of Ireland (78%) and Sightseers & Culture Seekers (84%), across all markets.

Australian holidaymakers tend to travel with a spouse/partner (53%) and are 45+ years (55%).

A third of our Australian holidaymakers came from New South Wales in 2011.

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