Great Britain

The British market remains the most important market to the island of Ireland in terms of visitors, holidaymakers, promotables and revenue.

More GB holidaymakers arrived in March (13%) than in any other month and generally British visitors are more likely to visit in the off‐peak season (39%) than those from any other country.

More than one‐quarter (27%) of British holidaymakers travelled to the island by sea in 2011 and almost a quarter (24%) brought their own car on their holiday. Not surprisingly given sea services provided from Britain but holidaymakers from Britain are the most likely to travel by sea and bring their own car than holidaymakers from any other market.

Almost three‐quarters (72%) of holidaymakers from GB stayed came for a short break of 1‐5 nights, representing the second largest short‐break market.

Hotels were the most popular (30%) form of accommodation among our British visitors in 2011. Staying with Friends or Family is the second most popular form of accommodation. This form of accommodation remains more popular among British holidaymakers than any other market.

Dublin, the South‐West and Northern Ireland are the top 3 regions visited by British visitors. British holidaymakers are least likely to visit more than one region than any other markets.

Most British holidaymakers are independent travellers (93%) and used the internet to book part of their trip (92%).

The British are most likely to use a non‐package holiday and use the internet when booking their trip than any other market.

One‐third (32%) of British holidaymakers in 2011 were visiting the island of Ireland for the first time. We have more repeat holidaymakers from Britain (60%) or holidaymakers that were born on the island of Ireland (8%) than from any other market.

Three‐in‐ten of our holidaymakers from Britain are from the C2DE socio economic group, representing the largest portion of C2DE’s across all markets.

The island of Ireland welcomes a greater portion of over 35’s from Britain (69%) than from any other market.
More than one‐in‐four (26%) holidaymakers from Britain travel alone.

Sightseeing & Culture Seeking (45%), Relaxing (15%) and spending time with family and loved ones (15%) were the top three holiday types taken in 2011. Visiting historic houses and castles remain the most popular diversion (45%) among British holidaymakers, and gardens (25%) have seen an uplift in interest in recent years. Hiking was the most popular active pursuit among the British visiting Ireland in 2011.

A third of our GB holidaymakers were from the South‐East/London in 2011.



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