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In GB, Tourism Ireland’s ‘Jump into Northern Ireland’ ad has
already been seen this year by millions of TV viewers on terrestrial
and satellite channels, including Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky
Network. In the US, the ad appeared on premium digital
channels such as FOX, MSN, NBC, Bravo, History Channel, as
well as It reached a further five million American
viewers when it aired on the ABC network this spring around the
Julian Fellowes’ four-part series
And in France and
Germany, two of our
top four’ markets, the
TV campaign reached
almost 29 million
holidaymakers on
prime time stations.
Images of Northern Ireland were seen by millions of
cinema-goers in GB and the US this spring when a
special 60-second ad was screened before the re-released
Titanic 3D
directed by James Cameron. Cinema ads also
ran in Germany and Italy.
Titanic-themed ads have been targeting potential visitors
on key travel, news and lifestyle websites in our ‘top four’
markets of GB, the US, France, Germany, as well as in
other markets like Spain and Italy. Close to 1.7 million
potential US holidaymakers saw Northern Ireland ads
online this spring. And 13 million US subscribers to
Travelzoo (the high profile hot deals and special offers site)
also saw Northern Ireland offers and promotions for
Titanic this spring.
Millions of people across the world are
seeing Northern Ireland in a new light
with Tourism Ireland’s new TV ad
campaign, ‘Jump into Northern Ireland’,
featuring a soundtrack by Co Down
band Snow Patrol. The global campaign
also comprises radio, print, cinema and
online ads and features locations such as
Titanic Belfast, the music scene in
Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway.
There is a greater-than-ever focus on Northern Ireland
and Titanic on Tourism Ireland’s website,, this year.
A massive promotional drive is highlighting Titanic Belfast
and the city to people across the world this year. As part of
ni2012, the most extensive programme of marketing ever
undertaken for Northern Ireland is rolling out. This
includes TV, press, radio and cinema advertising, extensive
online campaigns and social media activity, promotional
events and publicity.
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