Corporate Services and Policy Division

In 2009, the Corporate Services Division continued to support the implementation of corporate and operating plans across the organisation by carrying out a range of functions which include Corporate and Industry Communications, Finance and Human Resources.
The Corporate & Industry Communications department implements an island-wide programme of stakeholder communications to underpin understanding of Tourism Ireland’s role in, and contribution to, tourism.  Activity includes proactive two-way communications and consultation with industry partners across the island of Ireland and, through the Tourism Marketing Partnership, in key markets overseas.  An extensive programme of media relations is implemented in Northern Ireland and the South, and e-zine updates and Contact magazine are published regularly.  Liaison with sponsor departments and other agencies is also ongoing.

The Finance department monitors and tracks financial and management information and provides support to all of Tourism Ireland’s market and island of Ireland-based offices.  It operates payroll and an accounts payable function across all the markets.  It deals with all aspects of financial management and statutory reporting.  It also oversees the implementation of the Corporate Governance programme including internal audit, and operates under the guidelines set out in the organisation’s Financial Memorandum.

The Human Resources department is responsible for strategic and operational HR management across all markets and teams in Coleraine and Dublin.  This incorporates recruitment, organisation and employee development, performance measurement and management and the provision of support mechanisms for Tourism Ireland’s 156  staff around the world.  Tourism Ireland received a “Best Company to work for in Ireland” award in 2006, in both the Ireland and European competitions, in respect of its head offices in Dublin and Coleraine.


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