Donegal Sisters Star in Online Promotional Film

27 Jul 2009

Donegal sisters Ros and Pauline are doing their bit for tourism this year by presenting a short film on the ‘hidden gems’ of the North West on Tourism Ireland’s website.  It is one of a series of ten short films or ‘webisodes’ which have already been viewed by almost 400,000 potential visitors around the world.

Tourism Ireland recently launched the series of films which feature real local characters from around the island of Ireland introducing their favourite ‘hidden gems’.  Ros and Pauline were selected from the 1,000+ people across the island who applied to take part, to tell viewers and potential holidaymakers around the world about some of their favourite places in their home county. 

In the film, Ros and Pauline take the viewer on a journey around the North West – highlighting the tremendous variety of things to see and do and the magnificent scenery and coastline.  They begin in Londonderry, walking along the famous city walls and admiring the spectacular views of the city.  They enjoy a coffee in the Craft Village before setting off along the River Foyle cycle path, cycling along the water’s edge to Donegal.  They stop in the fishing village of Greencastle, where they grew up, and then go for a walk along the beautiful beach at Kinnoge Bay.  They chat with the owner of the Curiosity Shop near Malin Head and Pauline goes horse-riding on Five Fingers Beach.  They finish their journey at the most northerly point of the island, at Malin Head, taking in the wonderful views and spectacular sunset.

"Visitors repeatedly tell us that what distinguishes the island of Ireland from other destinations - what sets us apart from our competitors - is our people and our scenery”, said Laughlin Rigby, eMarketing Manager, Tourism Ireland.  “This online movie, presented by Ros and Pauline, provides an added dimension of information on the many attractions on offer in the North West, in a novel and entertaining way.” 

"Customers are not just searching for the lowest fare any more; they are seeking information and recommendations on the perfect holiday experience - where to go, what to see and do and where to eat.  These movies complement our new global advertising campaign 'Go Where Ireland Takes You'.  The campaign has been designed to capture the spontaneity and fun of holidaying here and to show that some of the most wonderful and memorable experiences you are likely to have here will be stumbled on by chance", Rigby added.

The ten films or ‘webisodes’, which have been translated into five European languages, feature on Tourism Ireland’s suite of 41 websites and are also being promoted in its main overseas markets on Yahoo.  The films will also feature on a new promotional DVD, which will be distributed to potential holidaymakers in the all-important GB market during August.  To see the films, visit

                                                                                                                    Donegal sisters Ros and Pauline on the River Foyle cycle route


Further information:
Sinéad Grace, Tourism Ireland  tel: 01 476 3493/ 087 685 9027



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