Tourism Ireland launches new Business Tourism Strategy in US

25 Mar 2008

Tourism Ireland is launching a comprehensive new strategy to boost valuable Business Tourism from the US market over the next three years, 2008-2010.
Discretionary Business Tourism in the US (Association Conferences, Corporate Meetings and Incentive Travel) is rebounding strongly following setbacks in the early part of the decade and now offers good prospects for growth in 2008 and beyond.
Tourism Ireland’s new strategy aims to exploit the opening of the Convention Centre Dublin to win additional Association Conference business which previously went to other destinations, to re-focus on the lucrative Incentive Travel sector and to support industry partners here in developing Corporate meetings business.
Web-based communications and eMarketing will play a major role in the new strategy. A comprehensive review of the US Business Tourism market has been undertaken by Tourism Ireland in conjunction with the US Business Tourism Committee, made up of senior industry representatives in the US and on the island of Ireland, Fáilte Ireland and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.
The aim now is to grow the Meetings and Incentive Travel business from the US to the island of Ireland; to develop qualified databases in targeted sectors as platforms to grow new business; and to develop new and stronger strategic partnerships within Association Conferences and Incentive segments, to penetrate the market more effectively.
Joe Byrne, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America, said: “The very positive publicity in the US about the Convention Centre Dublin has helped spark fresh interest in the island of Ireland as a Business Tourism destination and has provided an excellent backdrop for the wide-ranging review we have just completed with industry partners on the island of Ireland and in the US.”
While the current decline in the value of the US dollar is undoubtedly a challenge for the island of Ireland, and for Europe generally, Tourism Ireland believes that considerable potential exists within the discretionary Business Tourism sector in the US.
Further Information:
Sinéad Grace, Tourism Ireland, tel: 01 476 3494/ 087 685 9027


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