New Appointments at Tourism Ireland

17 Apr 2008

Tourism Ireland, the organisation responsible for promoting the island of Ireland overseas as a premier holiday destination, has appointed two new GSAs (General Sales Agents) to represent the organisation in Austria and Switzerland, to help grow tourism to the island of Ireland from those markets.

Sonja Buocz-Lamatsch is General Manager of Aviareps Austria, based in Vienna.  She has extensive experience in the Austrian tourism industry, having previously held senior positions with Schick Hotels, South African Airways and Airtour Austria.  She will work with the team at Aviareps Austria to meet the challenging targets set for tourism to the island of Ireland from the Austrian market.

Fiorenzo Fässler is Founder and Managing Director of smarket ag, based in Zurich.  Prior to establishing smarket ag in 2004, Fiorenzo held senior positions with Switzerland Tourism, based in Milan and Zurich.  Fiorenzo will work with his colleagues to maximise the tourism potential of the Swiss market for the island of Ireland, including working on initiatives to support the direct access routes to Belfast and Dublin; Business Tourism; and the leisure traveller.

In 2007, the Republic of Ireland welcomed approximately 59,000 Swiss visitors and approximately 41,000 Austrians.

Further information:
Sinéad Grace, Tourism Ireland, tel: 01 476 3493/ 087 685 9027
Norman Pratt, Weber Shandwick, tel: 01 676 0168/ 086 151 8921


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