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The United States is the second largest market for tourism to the island of Ireland. 855,000 visitors from the US visited the island in 2011. 

The US remains the second most important market to the island of Ireland (after GB) in terms of visitors, holidaymakers, promotables and revenue.

Every second American holidaymaker (48%) visiting the island of Ireland arrived during the summer months of June, July and August, while 70% arrived between May and September.

A stay of 6‐8 nights is the most common (37%) holiday length among our American visitors.
Hotels (49%) remain by far the most popular accommodation type used in 2011, followed by Guesthouses & B&B’s (22%) and staying with friends/relatives (11%).

Three-quarters of American holidaymakers overnighted in Dublin during their 2011 trip. The South‐West and Western regions were also very popular among our American visitors. The South‐East and Mid‐West welcome a greater share of holidaymakers from the US than from any other market. In fact, US holidaymakers are more likely to visit more than one region than any other market, with the exception of Australia.

As such, a greater share of American holidaymakers hire a car during their trip than any other market.

With one‐third of American visitors on a package holiday, holidaymakers from the US remain the highest package holiday users (33%) and the least likely online users (29%) when booking their holiday across all markets – with the exception of Canada.

It was their first visit to the island of Ireland for 71% of US holidaymakers in 2011.

Two‐fifths of US holidaymakers travelled as part of a couple and were AB’s, the highest portion of this socio‐economic group across all markets.

Most (83%) of US visitors were on a sightseeing & culture seeking holiday.


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