Italy Overview

215,000 Italian visitors came to the island of Ireland in 2011.
August continued to be the most popular month for our Italian holidaymakers to visit in 2011.

Almost half (44%) of our Italian holidaymakers visited for a short break of 1‐5 nights.

Hotels and Guesthouses & B&B’s were equally popular and combined represented two‐thirds of accommodation bed‐nights.
Dublin proved very popular (92%) among Italian holidaymakers with almost all overnighting there, though half of these visited
another region too. The Western and South West regions were also visited by one third of Italian holidaymakers.

Approximately one‐in‐every‐three (32%) Italian holidaymakers hired a car during their stay.

Independent holidays are very popular among Italians with the majority (90%) on this type of holiday. Online bookings are made by a similar proportion (87%) of Italian holidaymakers.

Almost four‐fifths of Italian holidaymakers arriving in 2011, were setting foot on the island of Ireland for the first time. This is the second largest proportion of first time visitors across all markets.

Two‐thirds of Italian holidaymakers were in the C1 socio economic group and tended to be younger, and travelling with other
adults. In fact, the island of Ireland attracted the largest proportion of under 35 year olds and those travelling with other adults
from Italy than from any other market.

The majority (84%) of Italian holidaymakers described themselves as Sightseers and Culture Seekers, the second largest market of this type of holidaymaker. Italians are more likely than other holidaymakers to visit sites of historical interest.

The Lazio, Lombardia and Emilia‐Romagna regions combined represented 60% of Italian holidaymakers in 2011.



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