£4+ Million Global Promotion of Titanic Belfast Under Way

29 Mar 2012

A massive £4+ million promotional drive is under way right now across the globe, highlighting Titanic Belfast and the city’s famous maritime story to people everywhere. Tourism Ireland estimates that its promotions for ni2012 will reach over 100 million people – or potential holidaymakers for Belfast and Northern Ireland – in the course of 2012.

Tourism Ireland believes that ni2012 is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change perceptions, to showcase the new and vibrant Northern Ireland around the globe and position it as a ‘must see’ destination. The organisation’s £4+ million programme is the most extensive programme of marketing activity ever undertaken for Northern Ireland – and includes TV, press, radio and cinema advertising, extensive online campaigns and social media activity, promotional events and publicity. 

In Great Britain alone, advertising about Northern Ireland will reach 70% of the entire population, 15 times during 2012. People around GB are being bombarded with images of Titanic Belfast and Northern Ireland – on the London underground (Tourism Ireland has 4,700 Titanic ads running at transport hubs around GB); in cinemas (a 60-second ad will air in advance of screenings of the re-released Titanic 3D); and on TV, radio, online, in newspapers and magazines.

In the United States, over 5 million people will see Tourism Ireland’s ‘Jump into Northern Ireland’ ad on television, when they tune in to watch Titanic, the new Julian Fellowes four-part series which is due to air on the ABC network in the New York area. A further 20 million Americans are seeing ads and full-page features on Northern Ireland in glossy magazines like The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit.

Promotions for Titanic Belfast and ni2012 are also taking place right across Mainland Europe and further afield in Australia and in emerging tourism markets like the Middle East, India and China. Niall Gibbons, chief executive of Tourism Ireland, said: “This is the most extensive programme of promotions ever undertaken for Northern Ireland around the globe. From our advertising campaigns, to the journalists and TV crews we have invited to come here from around the world, to visits to our dedicated Titanic tourism website, www.the-titanic.com, we are getting the message out there that the Titanic story was born in Belfast and this is where it is all happening in 2012. People at home sometimes underestimate the huge interest in the Titanic story around the world and the exceptional opportunity that this weekend’s launch of Titanic Belfast offers to put Belfast, and Northern Ireland, centre stage. Our promotions are capitalising on this interest in Titanic, building the recognition of Belfast as home of the famous ship.

“Our Titanic promotions are just part of Tourism Ireland’s overall ni2012 programme highlighting Titanic Belfast, and the city’s links with the famous ship, that will reach over 100 million consumers this year. We are telling people around the world that – with the opening of Titanic Belfast and the new Giant’s Causeway Centre, the Irish Open taking place at Royal Portrush and the Peace One Day Concert in Londonderry – there never has been a better year to visit Northern Ireland.”

Tourism Ireland also reports that interest among media in our Titanic story has been phenomenal. The organisation has invited hundreds of journalists from all over the world to fly to Northern Ireland and see Titanic Belfast for themselves – so they can write or broadcast about it on their return home. In the past few weeks, about 80 influential travel writers and TV crews have been here to take a ‘hard hat’ tour of Titanic Belfast; these include high profile media outlets like ITV’s Daybreak, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, NBC TV and the Washington Post. And, a further 100 journalists are due to fly in this weekend and over the coming weeks around the Titanic commemoration – including The Times, the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, Figaro magazine and The Times of India.


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Notes to Editors

Some of the highlights of Tourism Ireland promotions around the globe to highlight Titanic Belfast and our famous maritime heritage include:


  • Northern Ireland advertising will reach 70% of the British population 15 times during 2012.
  • 4,700 Titanic ads are running in numerous transport hubs around GB this spring, around the opening of Titanic Belfast; these include 3,500 ads in the London underground as well as ads in Scotland, Liverpool and Manchester.
    o In the US, over 5 million TV viewers will see Tourism Ireland’s ‘Jump into Northern Ireland’ ad when it airs around the new four-part TV series, Titanic, written by Julian Fellowes (creator of Downton Abbey).
  • Tourism Ireland’s 60-second ad featuring Northern Ireland will reach millions of cinema-goers in GB and the US, when it is screened before James Cameron’s Titanic 3D.
  • In the US, full-page Northern Ireland ads and full-page features in travel, thought leader and epicurean magazines, including The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler, Bon Appétit and AFAR, are reaching an estimated 20 million readers.
  • A special Northern Ireland/Titanic cover wrap-around on AM New York (a free morning newspaper which is distributed on sidewalks and in the subway) was seen by over 300,000 commuters in NY.
  • Supplements have also appeared in newspapers like the Glasgow Herald (a 12-page visitors’ guide to Northern Ireland was circulated with the newspaper to approximately 50,000 readers) and the Daily Telegraph (a 16-page guide to Northern Ireland was circulated with the newspaper to approximately 900,000 readers).
  • Titanic-specific ads are targeting potential visitors on key travel and lifestyle websites around the globe e.g. in the US alone, close to 1.7 million potential holidaymakers will see Northern Ireland advertising online this spring and will have the opportunity to enter a competition to win a prize of a trip to Belfast.
  • And 13 million subscribers to Travelzoo (a high profile travel website which features hot deals and special offers) in the US are seeing Northern Ireland holiday offers and promotions for Titanic this spring.


  • Tourism Ireland’s dedicated Titanic tourism website – www.the-titanic.com – is targeting people searching online about Titanic, who may previously have been unaware of the links between the famous ship and Northern Ireland. The site is profiling Northern Ireland and its shipbuilding heritage and building awareness of the association between Titanic and Belfast. Last year, the site attracted some 350,000 visitors; by mid-March of this year, it had already had in excess of 222,500 visits.
  • Central to the website is a series of 14 short films which recount different and intriguing aspects of the Titanic story and its links to Belfast. These films have been viewed about 300,000 times to date.
  • Tourism Ireland’s Titanic Stories Facebook page has almost 110,000 fans; in an average week, about 1,000 fans are chatting about Titanic on the site.

Titanic on Prime Time TV

  • A new three-part series, Titanic with Len Goodman, will air from today (30 March) on BBC 1; the series was part-funded by Northern Ireland Screen and Tourism Ireland. Before becoming a dancer, Goodman (of Strictly Come Dancing fame!) was a welder in Harland & Woolf’s East London yard. The series will explore the stories of various people with connections to Titanic.
  • BBC Whizz Kid has made a Titanic centenary special; the commemoration, a live televised event, will take place in Belfast on 14 April. The story of the ship will be retold through orchestral performances, a massed choir and documentary and archive material. The 90-minute event will air on prime time TV across GB on the evening of 14 April, from Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.

Titanic and ni2012 reach 1M+ Europeans at travel fairs

  • In excess of one million people around Mainland Europe have had the opportunity to find out about the fantastic holiday experience on offer in Northern Ireland this spring. Tourism Ireland stands at holiday fairs like ITB in Berlin, FITUR in Madrid, Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht (the Netherlands), MAP in Paris, and CMT in Stuttgart have all had a special Titanic theme, celebrating the legacy of the iconic ship.



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